What to do in Malaga? Try a Tapas Tour!

January 8, 2019


Spanish cuisine is one of the most particular and world-wide known gastronomies. It is based in the Mediterranean Diet, one of the healthiest and abundant in different kind of ingredients. Tapas are the perfect option if you want to try most of the spanish dishes.

Tapas are snacks or small plates compoused by all the ingredients included in the Mediterranean Diet, which means that there are several types. There are a huge variation of them, and you can expect whatever depending on the restaurant and the city. They can include from a simple Tortilla or Jamón (spanish ham) to a slow-cooked piece of beef served over a potato cream with loads of different spices. As there are so many, our expert guide will explain you all of them.


Why Tapas are so popular? Well, we are in love with them, not only because of the food, but also because of the concept. When we go to Tapear (bar hopping) we go in group, that means that you can have an informal lunch or dinner with your friends, while you are drinking a beer or sangria.
Another option could be invite your friends home and have a Tapas Party, but you should know how to prepare them of course.
You can see that Tapas can be eaten in different places and situations, the only requirement is to be accompanied by friends.
Our Tapas Tour is the best way to enjoy the tapas as a spaniard because you will try them not in a touristic place, but in local restaurants.



Yes, in Spain everyone knows what a Tapa is, and almost everyone have tried them already. However, not all the cities are specialized in them. That´s why you are lucky to be here, because Tapas in Malaga are one of the best all over Spain. As Malaga is a city of the Costa del Sol, you will have the chance of eating the best fish and meat, both very famous in the Andalusian cuisine.



People use to tapear before/during lunch (from 13 till 15 pm) or in the evening (around 20 till midnight). It is how spaniards use to have dinner or lunch when they want to meet their friends, or just when they don´t want to cook. It is a different and fun way to eat.
Our Tapas tour starts in the evening, if you join us it will be as a dinner.

Tapear implies not staying the entire time in the same place, so we usually move into different bars or restaurants.


We love them because of everything that the activity implies. Apart from eating varied kinds of food, you will be socializing, not only with your friends but also with the people around. So be ready to make new friends while you are eating the best tapas in Malaga.


There is not any rule about what you should drink. In Spain we have several great drinks which fit for tapas: spanish wine, beer, sangria, tinto de verano, mosto, vermú… Any of these are the ones chosen by spaniards when they are tapeando. But if you want something more familiar you would always have the chance of a soft drink, juice or even water. In the Tapas Tour we include 2 drinks that of course you can choose, our expert guide will recommend you what is the best choice.


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