9 Things You Must See When Visiting Malaga

June 17, 2019

If you are visiting Malaga soon, and still wondering about the essential things you should visit there, we would like to help you to dive into Malaga’s culture and have an unforgettable experience with these 9 things you must see:

1. Malaga’s Soho Street Art 

Must see when visiting Malaga Soho street art

When visiting Málaga, you must take a walk through the beautiful neighborhood Soho.

This it our first of our 9 things you must see, when visiting Malaga.

In the ’60s it was called Alameda Principal, but then it fell into decline. That was what made Malaguenians transformed the poor neighborhood into a trendy artistic area, via adjusting the so-called ‘Soho-effect’.

You will notice that Soho is visited more often by the tourists. The street art attracts a lot of people. Also, there are a lot of authentic facades that are being renovated and most of the streets are car-free now. Find more and more restaurants, hotels, bars, and trendy shops open their doors.


2. Visit The Ancient Roman Theatre

Must see an Ancient Roman Theater Malaga

Are you more interested in history? Take a look at the Roman Theatre. You can find it at the foot of Alcabaza in the Southern part of Málaga. You will see the traditional Roman architecture, where even the famous Antonio Banderas has done his first steps into his life as an actor.


3. The Cathedral de la Encarnación de Málaga 

Must see The Cathedral de la Encarnación de Málaga

You can’t overlook the beautiful Cathedral de Málaga. Take a look at the impressive building, built in the Renaissance style. The Cathedral was built between 1528 and 1782. You can find it in the historic center of Málaga.


4. Automobile and Fashion Museum

Automobile and Fashion Museum in Malagawww.unspash.com

You must know that Malaga is full of museums. Most of them are related to art. But let me tell you that this museum is different from the others. When you visit this museum, you will see a collection that goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. You will see about 100 classic cars, like Cadillacs, Aston Martins and Bugatti. But that is not everything. Besides classic cars, the museum also offers a beautiful collection of fashion. You can visit a total of seven fashion galleries and, you will see 200 original pieces of haute-couture, all from different decades. It is a museum that both men and women will love to visit.


5. La Rosaleda Stadium

See La Roseleda Statuim in Malaga

Are you a sports fan? Chose aside and be the biggest supporter of one of the best football matches. Take a sit in the home of Malaga CFLa Roselada Stadium. The stadium can host about 30,000 people. You can visit a football event every week from August to May from Europe’s best league. You can also take a stadium tour or visit the museum to see all the famous players and trophies.


6. Flamenco Show in Malaga

Must See in Malaga Flamenco Show

Have you been wondering where one of the most famous traditional dances in the world originates? It was born in Andalusia during the time of the Arab domination in Spain. Then the Arab music has been modified and adapted to Christians and Jews. That is what makes both the music and the dance so remarkable.

We strongly recommend that you must see one of those shows, when visiting Malaga.


7. Holy Week: Semana Santa

Visit Holly Week: Semana Santa


You should visit Malaga during Holy Week. The Holy Week is a big deal in Spain and especially in Malaga. The spectacular floats that the men carry on processions take place from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. You will see that the several meters-tall floats and the Virgin Mary are very well decorated. The atmosphere is more exuberant here compared to other Spanish cities.

Tip: You can visit similar to this one ritual on the National day of Spain – on 12 October


8. Visiting Malaga During Feria de Agosto

Visiting Feria de Agosto


Coming to Malaga in August means that you cannot miss out on Feria de Agosto. Feria de Agosto is a great celebration for bringing back Christianity in the Middle Ages after the Islamic era.  It is a week-long festival in the third week of August. It will give you a great look of Andalusian culture. Besides that, there are also daily bullfights at La Malagueta. The streets are beautifully decorated with flowers and lanterns.


9. See Puerto de Malaga

Visiting Puerto de Malaga

The last, but not the least you must see when visiting Malaga is Puerto de Malaga.

If you are looking for a more relaxed part of Malaga, try that one. It has some fantastic coastal sceneries. The port is located a few minutes outside of the city center. You will be amazed by the modern setting. It has a variety of shops and restaurants around the area. It is the perfect break where you can watch yachts and cruise ships roll in. Soak in Malaga’s relaxed atmosphere during a fresh drink.


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