Malaga Free Walking Tour every single day of the year, rain, hail or shine.

Meet us at 12 pm (noon) sharp in front of Costa Coffee in Plaza Constitucion.

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Meeting place & time

12 pm (noon) in Plaza Constitucion, at Costa Coffee


English, Spanish


2 hours approx

Sightseeing places

All the main city center locations (check route tab for details)



Ending Point

Plaza de la Merced

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*Booking is not compulsory but highly recommended in order not to lose your priority, in other words in case the amount of people exceeds the maximum allowed.

*Please keep in mind that a minimum of 5 people is required in order to guarantee the start of the tour, otherwise tour may be cancelled.


Finally, some of the highlights of the Malaga Free Walking Tour include:

  • Firstly, a look around the lively Plaza de la Merced. Therefore including the ancient ruins (roman & moorish), a look at the Botanic Gardens (from the outside) and the end of Calle Larios. In other words, the famous walking street.
  • A stroll down the streets of Alcazabilla and the Roman Theatre.
  • Pablo Picasso, certainly the artistic father of Malaga.
  • Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, the spectacular strongholds, also with excellent examples of Moorish Architecture.
  • Muelle 1, the wonderful and colourful harbour. That is to say where Malagueños and visitors alike gather to sip cold beers, have tapas and enjoy the sea air.
  • Also Plaza Constitucion, a symbol of Malaga’s fight against the dictatorship and home of the Italian fountain.
  • Especially relevant The Cathedral, la Manquita. That is to say, one of the features of the Golden Age, and an example of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

In conclusion keep in mind that all our guides have their own favourite stories, routes and experiences to share. So the exact route and sights may vary slightly from day to day.

So why not join our two hour tour around the heart of Malaga? To conclude, a tour with fairy tales of queens and caliphs, devastating battles, courageous Spanish warriors, politics and power struggles!!

Therefore we will see the famous city landmarks, also hear about why the Spanish are the most easy going and proud people in the World!

Finally, we might even show you some of the best kept secrets to get a local caña and tapas.

☰MEETING POINT: Plaza Constitucion, in front of Costa Coffee at 12 pm

You can find the Free Tour FAQ here.

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