FREE Walking Tour: 5 Reasons Why You Should Do It

June 27, 2019

Are you up for a free tour? We have listed 5 reasons why a FREE walking tour is the best you could choose for. Let’s go!

1. It’s FREE! So why not?

Free walking tour

Why not take any advance of a free tour?  Traveling can be an expensive activity with all the lodging, food and transport. It is the best way to get to know all the highlights and information about the city you are visiting.


2. No need to plan your day, just enjoy it

No plan

When you are doing a free tour, the only think you have to bring with you is a camera and an energetic mood. The whole route is planned out by the tour guide. You can listen in a relaxed way and follow the tour.


3. Connect with other travelers

Walking tour connect with other travelers

When you take a free tour you will meet lots of other travelers from all corners of the world! Together you can explore the city. It is a great way to create friendships that will be useful for your stay in the city.


4. Get the best tips and information from local guides

Malaga Free walking tour

The tours are provided by locals. So you will get the best tips and information about the destination you are visiting. This is their daily job, so they know every little detail about the city and can give you tips that you won’t find on the internet or in information flyers.


5. It’s eco-friendly

Eco-friendly walking tour

By doing a free tour you are also helping in saving the environment! Eco-tourism is very important nowadays, due to the concerns of climate change. Skip the buses or boats and learn everything about the city by foot. The meetings of our tours are always in the center, making it easy for guests to find us by foot.


Book now!

Are all these reasons enough for making you can’t wait for a free walking tour? Join our FREE WALKING TOUR in Malaga every day at 11:55 pm at Plaza de la Constitucion.

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